Jacob Santry


My Portfolio.
An unfinished collection of projects and skills.
Well for one all of the code for this website is up on GitHub and is even hosted by them (mainly for the cool github.io domain). If you wish to fork it or simply witness the css hacks that hold it together then by all means. *shudders*



One of my more recent *finished* projects at this time; A subtitle screenshot search engine similar to the wonderful frinkiac built with regular HTML, vanilla javascript front end with a Golang REST api and mysql backend. is designed to be fast ( <50ms Api responses) and lightweight to run on my Raspberry Pi


Dont ask about the name...

You will find most, if not all of my projects on GitHub or on Joes my little dropbox (a default index of page with a secure PHP login portal for uploading files and managing folders). Joeswebserver is also host to |Working Progress| Fish plays 2048 a python and websockets implementation of the game 2048 which uses OpenCV to track and play the game depending the fishs position (or since I haven't got a fish yet; me prancing around trying to debug). Enjoy!


  • Python: Poficient. MITx's 6.00.1x Python Computer Science course.
  • Javascript: Proficient in Vanilla Javascript, Jquery few projects in React but interested in learning.
  • HTML5/CSS/SASS: Advanced. Familiar with many frameworks such as bootstrap, materiaise as well as SASS compilers.
  • PHP: Proficient, but would prefer to stay a way.
  • Java: Familiar with gradle and making apps in react-native with java bridging.
  • C++: Developing, I have a fundamental knowlege, but would need to re-adjust to a c++ workflow.
  • .NET: Basic knowlege mainly through modification to existing projects and forks. I am yet to find a project best suited to .NET/C# ( mostly as many of my projects run on an ARM linux server).
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